Branwen + Tom | From “Man Cave” to Married

Our intrepid adventurers from November 2012 (jump back here) have wrapped up their camping trip and brought it back home finally for the big party! Branwen and Tom dropped the cold weather hats and knitted jumpers for a smart tux and white wedding dress. But before they got dressed up, Tom invited us to check out is “man cave”. It’s a real man cave with multiple guitars ranging from acoustic to the “axe” and not to forget the usual assortment of¬†alcoholic¬†trappings that adorn the shelves in the cave. Very cool. I have to get one if I ever get the space (I highly recommend it to every man). After being introduced to his lair everyone jumped into wedding day mode. It was a whirlwind of shoes, necklaces, flowers, ties and Kransekage? Hint: you can’t wear the last one. The Danish Lutheran Church was a wedding photographer’s dream with a fantastic diffuse light illuminating all the guests inside. Take this as a tip if you’re looking for a church (big windows). Your photographer will love you for it. At the Diamond Center everyone was doubly blessed with thoughtful speeches from friends and family while the coast mountains were changing a multitude of colors as the sunset. We have put together a tonne of fantastic pictures documenting the day start to finish below. For anyone who couldn’t make the trip against the pond from Denmark, here’s the spread.

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  1. Beth Bassett says:

    Thank you for sharing your most wonderfilled, beautiful and joyful day!

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